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Carefully Selected Investment Opportunities


Expert Guidance

“The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.” — Colin R. Davis, English conductor for the London Symphony Orchestra

It can be very lonely running any small business and those with the potential to grow frequently encounter particular challenges which they are unable to overcome or address (including finding the capital needed to make the most of the opportunity they have identified).

The Ark aims to help a High Growth Business overcome these challenges by giving entrepreneurs or Founders access to a network of individuals with the knowledge base and skillset required to generate trusted relationships and therefore add real value to a HGB in the long term.

Laying the Foundations for Growth

Investment Readiness

To attract funders and other stakeholders to go on the journey with it, a HGB needs to create an Equity Story – blend of vision, mission, values, strategy, objectives and financials. 

Through its network of business leaders, business professionals, business angels and Strategic Partners, The Ark will help provide the strategic clarity, operational advice and access to global networks required to create a compelling Equity Story.

Giving Something Back

Grow with confidence

Equity Funding

Having created an Equity Story, The Ark can help a HGB raise the finance needed to deliver its Vision, by preparing a fundraising strategy and then introducing it to:

  1.   Business Angels;
  2.   Business Angel Networks;
  3.   Crowdfunders;
  4.   Venture Capitalists.

Post investment, The Ark will continue to work with the HGB and their new funders providing access to high quality, cost effective, real time advice and access to a wider network of contacts.

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